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Merchant Benefits

Integrating a pay by electronic check solution to your online retail site will result in advantages that stretch from your consumer to your bottom line. eCHECKit, the leading alternative payment solution to credit and debit cards, is now available to all merchants who sell products online.

For your consumer…

  • 90% of US households have a checking account. Consumers can now use eCHECKit to pay online just as they would use a credit or debit card.
  • eCHECKit is more secure and has less risk for your customer than traditional credit or debit card payment transactions. Electronic check payment information only travels within the eCHECKit network, never leaving our secure servers.
  • Consumers can now enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online at your store rather than a competitor’s because they have a payment option – online check processing - that works for them!

For your growth…

  • eCHECKit will help you grow your business by offering another way for you to sell products online to your consumers.
  • It is estimated that you can increase your purchase revenues by 4% - 14% by offering this new payment solution.
  • Offering a virtually fraud-free way to accept online payments is great for small businesses with a lower sales volume and for larger merchants with high sales volume.
  • eCHECKit assumes all the risk. All transactions with eCHECKit are guaranteed through check verification so the merchant has no risk of chargebacks. The merchant will ALWAYS receive their funds!

For your bottom line…

  • eCHECKit is a less expensive payment alternative compared to credit card interchange rates.
  • Debit cards charge an even higher fee than credit cards. eCHECKit will accept online payments for much less!
  • The convenience and ease of using eCHECKit may create higher conversion rates and lower abandonment rates from the online shopper at the point of sale.
  • eCHECKit allows higher margin transactions.

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