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Welcome to eCHECKit! We accept payments online as a leading payment solution.


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No credit card? No debit card? No problem! eCHECKit lets you pay for purchases with your checking account. It's easy safe and secure. Not sure what eCHECKit is? Check out our FAQ for shoppers.

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Over 90% of all US household have checking accounts, and eCHECKit can link them to your shopping cart.

With eCHECKit, you will easily be able to accept checks as part of your online checkout process. eCHECKit transactions are guaranteed, and your funds are deposited in your bank account via the ACH network.

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Why choose eCHECKit?

  1. eCHECKit will save you money – it is a less expensive payment option than credit cards.
  2. eCHECKit will increase your revenue – it is estimated that merchants can increase revenues anywhere from 4%–14% by offering a check payment option.
  3. eCHECKit will grow your customer base – you can now tap into the 90% of all US households that have a checking account.

With eCHECKit,  your customers will have more convenient ways to pay, and ultimately, you will gain more customers. As a better alternative to online credit card payments, choose the easy, safe and guaranteed way to pay: eCHECKit.

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